Jackson Heights Solidarity Shabbat

This week’s violence — from bombs to Louisville to Pittsburgh — is not only about conspiracies about Jews in general or George Soros in particular. It’s also the rhetoric about asylum seekers, about survivors of sexual assault, about erasing trans, non-binary, and intersex folx, about murdering and imprisoning Black people, about journalists as the enemy, and about disenfranchising voters who are native, who are black, who are liberal or might be likely to vote for the opposition party.

They call their movement “nationalism” — careful to leave out the part that remains unspoken: “white.” White nationalism tells us this country is not for all of us. It incites violence because it invites actions to expel or exterminate us as “undesirable elements.”

But this is our country too. We do have a place here. We will advocate for others to be here too, and to welcome them in. Our movement is a movement for multiracial, inclusive democracy. We are building a future for each other, and a future where the promise of this country can be realized. And we know democracy will win.

Join JFREJ, the Jewish Center of Jackson Heights, Malkhut, Kehillat Tikvah synagogue and our Hate Free Zones partners as we bring in Shabbat this Friday night, protected by our Muslim and immigrant neighbors in Jackson Heights. We'll do some ritual, sing songs, and break bread together. We'll create space for collective mourning and action against antisemitism, white supremacy, Islamophobia and xenophobia. Make sure to wear layers!