Help Build Our Mishkan For Meyer 2017!

On December 6 we will be ritually transforming Community Church of NY into our sacred Mishkan for the 2017 Meyer Awards! What's a Mishkan?

The Mishkan is the wandering sanctuary that our ancestors carried with them on their liberation journey, and that we will create and carry together in their and our honor tonight. Every person, no matter their means, was offered the opportunity to build the sacred space with their nedivat lev, the authentic generosity of their hearts. It was therefore a work of collective beauty, made up of the unique and meaningful contributions of the entire community. Our spiritual center and protection, within the Mishkan we voiced our highest communal aspirations and brought the best offerings of ourselves, and it in turn became a presence (its literal meaning) within each of us, no matter where our people traveled or moved across the earth. It is a creative and infused source of our capacity to move, adapt, and grow, to find strength within and to offer love and protection to others.

This is your chance to help us create the collective beauty that brings the Meyer Awards to life!
No arts experience necessary--your meaningful contribution will be unique to you!
Art Builds are happening at the following times:
Thursday, Nov 30th, 6:30 to 9:30 pm
Sunday, December 3rd, 1 to 5 pm
The art build will take place at Building Stories, 69 9th St, Brooklyn, NY 11215. Enter through "Big ReUse" and walk all the way through the store and out the back door. Once you get back outside, turn right. It's the black door next to a picnic table. If you need directions text Jenny at (646) 207-5525.