Purim Content Launch Farbrengen

purim with adrienne

****JANUARY 8TH, 2017****

Our shpiel will be in March, but January 8th The Aftselakhis Spectacle Committee excitedly brings you the Purimshpil 5777 Launch FARBRENGEN!

What is a farbrengen? A joyous gathering of comrades, visionaries, artists, organizers, and rabble rousers.

What is the Purimshpil launch farbrengen? The event that kicks the annual Aftselakhis Purim creative process into action. THE DAY THAT HELPS SHAPE THE SHOW.

There will be food.
There will be singing.
and moving, and dancing.
Artists, organizers, and other comrades will bring
an irresistible amalgamation of political & cultural thought & education.
There will be discussion and reflection.
And megillah.

Come! Bring your body, your mind, your heart. Come bring your fears, your desires, your dreams.

The location, full schedule of the day, and list of presenters will be announced soon.
Till then, save the date: January 8, 2017!