My Home is Someone's Workplace

Is your home someone's workplace? RSVP here for exact address. If you hire someone in the home to clean, cook, assist, or care for you or a loved one, your home is someone’s workplace—which makes you their employer. What does that mean? The Caring Majority invites you to a workshop to develop the knowledge and skills you need to build a long-lasting and fair relationship with your homecare providers. Together, we will:
  • Cover the basics of hiring and maintaining a positive relationship with the person you employ
  • Discuss your rights and responsibilities in this role
  • And introduce you to the FairCare principles of fair employment: Fair Pay, Clear Expectations, and Paid Time Off
We’re here to support you in building and maintaining a caring home and a workplace you can be proud of. JFREJ is a proud of affiliate of Hand in Hand: The Domestic Employers Network. If you can't make it to this workshop or would like to learn more, visit their website!