Spring4BlackLives & Juneteenth Seder

About Spring4BlackLives & Juneteenth Seder

Last spring, we challenged Jews around the world to gather in homes, synagogues and communal spaces to spend Shavuot studying the Vision for Black Lives — the Movement for Black Lives’ racial justice policy agenda. e 49-day #Omer4BlackLives led to Shavuot, when hundreds of Jews from New York to Madrid to Jaffa stayed up all night using our #Shavuot4BlackLives Study Guide to explore reparations. Following Spring4BlackLives, JFREJ held two revolutionary Juneteenth Seders for hundreds of our members and allies. Led by Black members of the Jews of Color Caucus, the program wove together stories of Jewish liberation from Mitzrayim and Black liberation from enslavement in the United States. We continued to focus the Jewish community on alternatives to policing and reparations for African-Americans. With reimagined rituals, oral histories, and participatory visioning, the seder illuminated the distant past and a hopeful future.