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Victory over Mayor's Veto! Community Safety Act Passes NY City Council!

Today we all made history: the New York City Council voted to override Mayor Bloomberg's veto and pass the Community Safety Act, establishing an Inspector General to oversee the NYPD and ending discriminatory policing in NYC! Mazel tov!

Override Bloomberg's Veto!

Mayor Bloomberg has vetoed the Community Safety Act bills - two bills that will ban discrimination and create independent oversight of the NYPD. We need these bills to curb the NYPD's stop-and-frisk practices and end invasive surveillance of Muslim communities.

The City Council passed both bills with a veto-proof majority in June, but Mayor Bloomberg and NYPD Commisioner Ray Kelly have been fighting with all their political might to get City Council members to change their minds for the override vote. If just one City Council member changes their vote, we will not pass the bill against discriminatory policing in NYC.

The Grace Paley Organizing Fellowship is back!

The Grace Paley Organizing Fellowship has returned for another fabulous and powerful year!

The Grace Paley Organizing Fellowship is JFREJ's six-month program building political analysis and organizing skills for JFREJ member leaders. As a member-led organization, JFREJ believes in prioritizing the development of leaders to guide and grow the organization.

Victory! The Community Safety Act passes!

The vote to pass the Community Safety Act happened very late last night -- and we won!

The City Council chamber erupts in applause as the Community Safety Act garners veto-proof majority!

Twitter Tactic: Let's Pass These Bills!

Are you on twitter? We need your support now to let all the City Council members know that New Yorkers want them to vote YES on the profiling and NYPD oversight bills of the Community Safety Act!

Monday is the City Council vote to discharge the profiling and NYPD oversight bills of the Community Safety Act. Over the weekend and on Monday, use the sample tweets below to let our City Council members know that we want accountable policing in NYC!

Rabbis take action to end police discrimination!

In just a few weeks, the New York City Council will vote on two major police reform bills, banning discriminatory profiling and creating independent oversight of the NYPD. Both bills are cosponsored by at least 32 City Council Members (a majority of the City Council), but we need 34 votes to overcome a near-certain veto from Mayor Bloomberg.

These rabbis are showing up for justice! Will you?

JFREJ Celebrates Immigrant Care Workers!

Breaking News: Paid Sick Time Act Passes NY City Council

Mazel tov! We are thrilled to report that the Paid Sick Time Act has been approved by the New York City Council! Now, over a million New Yorkers will finally get paid sick days when they or their family members are in need of medical care. And thanks to the diligent work of many, domestic workers have been included in the Paid Sick Time Act! This is a major moment for not only New York, but also the domestic worker justice movement throughout the country!

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