There’s so much at stake with this election. By continuing to support Israel's brutal campaign to bomb and starve Gaza out of existence, Biden risks — first and foremost — the lives of millions of Palestinians and the lives of the remaining Israeli hostages — and second, the United States' fragile democracy. The April 2024 democratic presidential primary is our chance to make our voices heard at the ballot box before November.

Voters are against the brutal US-backed siege on Gaza - 77% of Democrats want to see a permanent ceasefire, according to a recent Data for Progress poll. But the Democratic party is too invested in the war machine, in unconditional support for the Israeli government, and in staying on the good side of AIPAC and the pro-Israel lobby to listen to us. Biden risks losing the election to Trump in November if he doesn’t course-correct NOW.

First and foremost, casting a blank ballot is a protest tactic to pressure the Biden administration to use the U.S.’s incredible power and leverage to end the ongoing genocidal violence against Gaza and the Palestinian people immediately. It’s also a strategic appeal to Biden and the Democratic Party, urging them to listen and respond to what voters want, using the language they understand best: electoral participation

There should be no surprises on Election Day in November. That means making sure Biden and the Democratic Party hear from us now, and internalize now just how politically disastrous their already-morally-disastrous policy decisions on Israel/Palestine are.