Presenting...the updated JFREJ Member Handbook!

This handbook has everything you might want to know about JFREJ: our priorities over the next five years, our long-term goals, how decisions are made and campaigns are structured, how money works at JFREJ, and so much more.

The handbook is also full of important information about being a JFREJ member JFREJ — how to participate, develop your leadership, and find community here at your political home. We invite members to take the time to read it at your own pace, and keep it on hand as a resource for you to refer back to at any time.

This resource spells out the ideas and structures that we think make it possible for us to build lots of power and be more effective. It sets out clear pathways to leadership and roles for members, and further clarifies some of the practices we’ve had for years, but where the rules weren’t always clear. It remains a “living document.” As we figure out what works and what doesn’t, we’ll keep making adjustments. We’re excited to get members' feedback and ideas once you’ve had a chance to use it! Click on the image below to read it.