We emerged from Shabbat on May 14th to the news of a horrific white supremacist attack — an attack specifically targeting Black people. Yet again, we say: May their memories be a blessing. But we should not have to say this. Because they should be alive.

The tragedy in Buffalo is connected to the same fight for safety that all of the NYC Against Hate communities are dedicated to. As Jewish, Muslim, Black, Arab, Asian, LGBTQAI, and immigrant New Yorkers, we all face the same threat, and we'll only defeat it together.

That's why this Thursday, May 19th, NYC Against Hate will come together for a Day Against Hate. We will mourn the victims of the horrifying white supremacist attack in Buffalo and honor the victims and survivors of hate violence in all of our communities. We will demand that our local and state governments finally give our communities the resources we need to prevent hate violence before it occurs.

9AM Press Conference: New Path Forward to Prevent Hate Violence

Steps of City Hall

Join members of the NYC Against Hate coalition and our supporters in the New York City Council on Thursday, May 19th at 9 AM on the steps of City Hall to call for a new path forward to prevent hate violence. New York City’s current hate violence prevention strategy centered almost exclusively on law enforcement has been a failure. If we are serious about preventing violence, it's time for a new approach.

12PM Freedom to Thrive Outreach to Council Members

City Hall

Join JFREJ to do in-person outreach to New York City Council Members as they arrive at City Hall on May 19th. We will lobby them about investing in robust community-based programs to prevent hate violence, because the only effective solution to hate violence and bias incidents is through investment in our communities, not in more policing and prosecution.

4PM Community Safety Canvass to Combat Hate Violence

Zuccotti Park

Join the NYC Against Hate coalition to canvass the neighborhood and give New Yorkers the information we need to keep ourselves and our neighbors safe.