New York faces the worst home care shortage in the nation. JFREJ and the Caring Majority coalition are mobilizing in Albany to change that by fighting for 150% wage increases for home care workers to end the shortage and ensure care and dignity for all! Learn more about the #FairPay4HomeCare campaign and watch the video below.

The problem: There are not enough home care workers to provide for our state's rapidly aging population or for disabled people who need home care in order to live dignified and independent lives in their own homes. Why? Because New York State pays home care workers poverty wages, the workforce is shrinking as care workers leave the industry for better-paying jobs. The majority of these underpaid home care workers are immigrant women and women of color; it’s a labor issue, a gender justice issue, a racial justice issue, and an immigrant justice issue.

Fair Pay for Home Care is also a disability justice and age justice issue. Without adequate home care, older adults and disabled people are increasingly forced out of our communities and into nursing homes. That can mean giving up freedom, being separated from family, and isolated inside institutions. Fair Pay for Home Care will raise home care workers' wages, making essential home care more accessible to everyone who needs it, and ensuring that those providing home care make a living wage.

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