After hearing Jean Kim’s accusations against Comptroller Scott Stringer, we can no longer in good conscience maintain our support for Stringer’s candidacy. He has failed to respond in a way that demonstrates accountability, regard to the impact of his words and actions on survivors across the city, or a spirit of true partnership with grassroots movements. We rescind our endorsement and call on him to suspend his campaign and place the progressive priorities he has championed ahead of his own political aspirations.

This race is not about individual candidates. It is about the future of our city. That’s why we endorsed a ranked choice unity slate, to make sure that a progressive leader — not someone beholden to Wall Street, the real estate lobby, and police unions — is in City Hall working with our movements on a just recovery.

We will continue to proudly organize behind Dianne Morales and Maya Wiley to win a truly progressive mayoral administration that prioritizes funding schools, health care, and social services; a city government that respects and serves all New Yorkers, not just the wealthy few.

Finally, the past few days have been extremely painful, particularly for survivors. We will be creating spaces for our members to process together, supported by trained trauma and crisis counselors in the coming weeks.

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