We've created a new Member Handbook full of important information about JFREJ — how to participate, develop your leadership, and find community here at your political home.

Last year many of you participated in We Are Here. That process taught us that in this political moment, our movements are ready to make big wins on issues we've fought for for years: universal healthcare, defunding the police, a green new deal, etc. And it also made it clear that in order to do that, we need step up our game, sharpen all of the tools in our toolbox, nurture the best parts of our visionary and impactful legacy, and shed some of the baggage that isn’t serving us as well any more.

Another thing that we learned from both We Are Here, and from lots of conversations and feedback from all of you, is that it can be hard to figure out how to jump in and take action at JFREJ, it isn’t always clear who makes decisions about questions from the large (when do we take on a new campaign?) and small (who decides when we order food for a meeting, and does it always have to be falafel?).

So with a lot of help from members, our board, and our staff, and with inspiration from other partner organizations who have come up with smart ways to handle these questions, we decided to hammer it all out, and write it all down in one place — the JFREJ Member Handbook!

The handbook spells out the new ideas and new structures that we think will set us up to build lots of power and be more effective, sets out clear pathways to leadership and roles for members, and clarifies some of the practices we’ve had for years, but where the rules weren’t always clear, even to us!

This handbook will be a “living document” — it will keep evolving as we figure out what works and what doesn’t, and we’re excited to get your feedback and ideas once you’ve had a chance to use it, and try out the new structures.

Enjoy, and onward!

Control-click (Mac) or right-click (PC) to download the Handbook.