We’re so excited to invite you to join us next Wednesday, March 17th at 7:00pm as we relaunch our beloved Freedom to Thrive Campaign!

Freedom to Thrive is JFREJ’s campaign to foster true safety & prosperity in criminalized communities, by fighting for meaningful investments in social services and resources for our basic needs and by rejecting the punitive, carceral approaches to “criminal justice” that have too long been hallmarks of our society. We believe that Jews have a critical role to play in ending the disproportionate investment by the state and private companies in the systems that track, surveil, hunt, cage, and deport our neighbors, including but not limited to the NYPD and ICE. We know that true safety comes through solidarity as well as equitable investments in the social services, institutions, & resources that we need to not just survive but also to thrive.

Over the last few years this campaign has successfully resisted the tracking, caging and deportation of our neighbors by ICE; fought for & won increased police accountability & transparency; disrupted communal hate violence, anti-semitism and racism; and leveraged our Jewish values to create space for mourning & transformative direct action to dismantle these systemic inequalities and equitably invest in our under-resourced communities.

If you’re ready to join this powerful legacy of organizing and fight for all the investments we need to thrive (especially given this devastating pandemic), then please be sure to join us for our first monthly Freedom to Thrive meeting next Wednesday, 3/17, at 7pm to learn more about the current issues, get oriented to our new campaign structure, and plug in to the work! You can RSVP by clicking below and be sure to share this organizing opportunity with your friends & network!