Art, music, and culture have always been part of Jewish life, of Jewish resistance, of Jewish organizing, and of movements for justice. We are blessed, honored, and full of joy to have collaborated with @micahbazant on this beautiful piece.

As the story goes: In 1939, Nazis surrounded a group of Jews from Lublin, Poland, backed up against barbed wire and ordered them to sing to their own execution. One man began to sing: "Mir veln zey iberlebn, iberlebn, iberlebn” —"We will outlive them.” The song took hold among the entire people, who, as they awaited their deaths, began to dance. They danced with joy, with resilience, with a life that could not be destroyed by fascism, militarism, or genocide. The commander saw this resilience. He recognized their defiance. They continued, even as the SS troops charged at them. Most lost their lives that day. And some lived to tell this story. We are here. We will outlive them. We will join forces and voices with others to fight so we can all outlive them, together.

Download a high-resolution 11 x 17 .pdf file of this graphic by clicking here.

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Thanks to Hannah Temple and Tsibele for bringing us this story and this song.