JFREJ Staff Organizer and co-author of Understanding Antisemitism, Leo Ferguson writes about Linda Sarsour and the impact of false or inflated charges of antisemitism on the Jewish community in The Forward. On December 6th, Jews For Racial & Economic Justice, where I work, honored Linda Sarsour with the Rabbi Marshall T. Meyer Risk Taker Award, alongside Rabbi Ellen Lippmann and the National Domestic Workers Alliance’s We Dream In Black. And we did so with unabashed pride. The honor JFREJ has bestowed is called the “Risk Taker” award, and Linda has taken many, many risks in her fight for justice. Some of those risks are necessary and inevitable when you are speaking truth to power and shining a spotlight on injustice. All too often, however, the risks that Sarsour has faced have been the dark and ugly kind: harassment, death threats, and a slightly cultish obsession with Linda that is clearly rooted in Islamophobia and incubated in YouTube comment threads and vituperative op-eds. And sadly, all too often, these attacks come from other Jews reflexively reacting to the cardboard caricature of Linda that has been propped up by the political right. Read the rest here: https://forward.com/scribe/389888/lay-off-linda-sarsour/