JFREJ member leader Sophie Ellman-Golan is also on staff at Women's March, and was a lead organizer of The Women's Convention in Detroit. And as of this week, is getting recognized for her work right and left. We want to second the congratulations!

The Jewish Activist Who Powered The Women’s March

Sophie Ellman-Golan is an activist at the forefront of the fight for social and racial equality.

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How the Women’s March Organizers Sparked a Movement—and They're Still Fighting for You

On January 21, 2017, women worldwide staged the single biggest protest in modern history. Meet the organizers of the Women’s March. They’re not done yet.

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From left: Tashawn Nicole Reagon, Emma Collum, Cassady Fendlay, Lisa Harps, Mia Ives-Rublee (with her dog, Arianne), Rabbi Barat Ellman, Ph.D., Toshi Reagon, Sophie Ellman-Golan, ShiShi Rose, Caitlin Ryan, Jenna Arnold (with son Atlas Oz and daughter Ever Alula), Nantasha Williams, Linda Williams[/caption]

Women's Convention: "Confronting White Womanhood"

The panel was so crowded on Friday that organizers decided to repeat it the next day.

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Confronting White Womanhood at the Women's Convention

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