JFREJ member Jonah Boyarin has published a powerful essay in Jewschool in the wake of the Charlottesville attack. Jewish fear is American Neo-Nazis chanting “Blood and Soil” on American soil. In living memory, that chant (“Blut und Boden”), and the fascist ideology that birthed it, organized mass movements of German Nazis, and Polish, Lithuanian, Greek, and other European Christian collaborators to murder a third of our people. In living memory. Jewish love is we have each other. We have our ancestors/those who did Jewishness before us and our descendants/those will do Jewishness after us. We have a sense of being that stretches beyond immediate time and place, that broadens and deepens our capacity to love, care, and take action for all living things. Jewish solidarity is non-Jews checking in with the Jewish people in their lives right now to see how they’re doing, to see if they can provide some harm reduction by offering to lend an ear, bring over some homemade soup, or take a shift at work. It is also white Jews checking in with the people of color, Jewish and non-Jewish, in their lives to offer the same. Read the rest at www.jewschool.com