Read JFREJ Executive Director Dove Kent's wake up call to America in the Guardian.

M. Dove Kent, New York - People who wouldn’t dream of voting for Donald Trump still mostly perceive him as a joke — with a platform far too outlandish and racist to win him the presidency. But Trump’s candidacy is no laughing matter. Whether or not he has a chance at the White House, the racism and white supremacy that Trump is tapping into runs deep in the American psyche, and his incitement is strengthening a violent and racist undercurrent.

His latest comments, calling for unprecedented levels of surveillance of Muslim communities – including a database to track them and possibly including special identification cards – are appalling. But what really sends chills through my body – as an American and as a Jew – is the lack of serious and sustained public outcry in response.

Thus far in his run for president, Republican candidate Donald Trump has made headlines in his fanning of fears, xenophobia, racism and religious bigotry against immigrants, people of color and Muslims.

As Republican governors rush to keep Syrian refugees out of their states, it is clear that Trump’s rhetoric is revealing and emboldening a revanchist nativist strain in the Republican party. Treating Trump as a joke gives his noxious ideology room to grow. The climate he is creating has very real implications for the safety and lives of people of color, Muslims and immigrants.

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