Purim is a holiday of inversions where we get so ritually drunk we cannot tell the difference between our enemy (Haman) and our hero (Mordechai). We get so disguised that we become strange to ourselves and mystical to our friends.
We make a lot of noise!
We get so lost, you might say, that we get found again.

Your Local JFREJ/GSW Purim shpil speaks of over reach, overtime pay, courage, the derangement of those in power, and the Domino effect of successful organizing (Go Domestic Worker's United!). It will be an incredible party where we can practice the political improvisation skills we need to join the world wide effervescence.

Hurry Hurry Hurry! Bands! Giant outdoor Puppet Shows!
Cabaret! Masquerade! Riveting and Right-On Installations!
Dancing, organizing and more!!!!

Hope to see you there March 19th.


Check out these Amazing Performers:

  • Avi Fox-Rosen's Musical Madness
  • Schmeckel: 100% Trans Jews
  • Yiddish Princess
  • The Rude Mechanical Orchestra
  • Amazing Amy, the Yoga Yenta, and her Kosher Kontortion
  • Shawn Shafner
  • exHOTic other
  • Haman's Drag Race
  • DJ Shomi Noise
  • Mira Stroika

Sponsored by Jews for Racial and Economic Justice + Great Small Works with support from PURSUE: Action for a Just World