March 6, 2004; Workmen's Circle

Time to turn things upside-down and play and dance and celebrate and transform. And you can do all that, and more, at NO BORDERS: NON-STOP PURIM, a blow-out evening of spectacle, parody, politics, party, and go-go galore, featuring a PURIM SPIEL about IMMIGRANT RIGHTS. Plus: Music by Frank London & friends; Megillah readings and subversions by Rebetsn Hadassah Gross (aka Amichai Lau-Lavie), Jenny Romaine & Great Small Works, The Syndicate & TreyfGender Posse, Adrienne Cooper, and DJ Mitsveh Tanz.

GO AND LEARN, SUNDAY, March 7, Workmen's Circle
The Workman's Circle's Center for Social & Economic Justice sweeps up after the Purim bash (and gives you time to sleep off the revelries) and presents a WORKSHOP ON IMMIGRANT RIGHTS with speakers from the NY Immigration Coalition, Amnesty International, and Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society.