Justice for Tuv Taam Workers

JFREJ History (2000–2003)

(2003) - After more than 2 years of battling their employers for decent working conditions and minimum wage and overtime pay, Attorney General Spitzer's office today announced a $1,075,000 settlement on behalf of the Tuv Taam workers.

Many of you have been involved in JFREJ's work to educate the Jewish community and bring attention to these issues, and you know how hard these workers have fought and how ugly the struggle has gotten at times. Lest there be a repeat of our NLRB settlement where the employer signed for $30,000 in backpay and still hasn't paid a cent, Tuv Taam has already deposited the first $400,000 in the escrow account and $150,000 more will be there by the end of the week. Thanks to everyone who has been part of the struggle, and stay tuned for details on the victory party!