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How Do I Take Action?

JFREJ has programs for everyone, including specifically for Jews of Color, Mizrahi & Sephardic Jews and Jewish Youth. We do events for new members every year.

JFREJ is a member-led, member-driven organization. That means that with the support of our small staff, JFREJ members are doing important work and making key decisions that shape our campaigns and guide our work.

We want your ideas and your energy! So if you’re ready to get hands-on in the fight for a more just and equitable New York, you can become actively engaged in our campaigns, programs and caucuses, listed below.

Fighting Racism & Violence in the NYPD

JFREJ has been on the front lines of the fight against Stop & Frisk, the #BlackLivesMatter movement and the ongoing struggle for an end to abusive and discriminatory policing here in New York. As part of the Communities United for Police Reform coalition, we turn out in the streets, advocate for legislation in the City Council and do trainings to change the culture of our neighborhoods.


A Home for Jews of Color, Mizrahi & Sephardic Jews and Poor/Working Class Jews

We have three ongoing caucuses that meet regularly to create safer space, explore identity, support leadership development, and take action: The Jews of Color Caucus, The Mizrahi Caucus and The Poor & Working Class Jews Caucus

Growing Our Community

JFREJ members work to increase JFREJ’s people-power by doing targeted outreach, creating political education and trainings, and helping new members figure out how to plug-in.


Organizing Seniors and Workers for Shared Power and Dignity

The Eldercare Dialogues bring together and build partnerships between those most impacted by the eldercare economy: seniors, their families, and workers. The dialogues and workforce development and training programs for both workers and consumers form relationships based on dignity, understanding and respect, and make concrete changes in the home care industry. The program also provides leadership development for seniors and workers, improvements in workplace practices, improvements in care, and increased economic security for workers, seniors and their families.

Making the Movement Irresistible

Artists and storytellers are the visionaries of our social justice movements, and play a big role in our work. Whether you’re an artist or just interested, let us know if you want to be involved in future arts events.

meyer horses

Ending Islamophobia and anti-Arab racism

With our coalition partners, JFREJ stands up to Islamophobia and anti-Arab racism, and brings a clear Jewish voice to the call for an end to unconstitutional surveillance and harassment of Muslim and Arab communities.


Building Youth Power

Our Youth Brigade engages Jewish high school students age 13–18 to grow as community leaders and create transformative change in themselves, their communities, and New York City — centered in the values of racial and economic justice. The Brigade infuses JFREJ with a spirit of creative organizing, artistic mischief, and revolutionary love.

Apply to the Grace Paley Organizing Fellowship

The Grace Paley Organizing Fellowship (GPOF) is JFREJ’s seven-month leadership development program to build political analysis and community organizing skills for 8–12 of our member leaders. Since our members lead our work, we invest heavily in developing their abilities and knowledge. The program provides rigorous training in skills like base-building, facilitation, campaign development and legislative advocacy, and in political education and analysis in anti-semitism, anti-racism, disability justice, arts & organizing and other key topics. Applications become available for a limited time each year. Let us know if you’re interested and we’ll get back to you.

2013-2014 Grace Paley Organizing Fellows


In addition to our Program Areas, you can come to our events for new members and non-members alike:

New Member Orientation

JFREJ offers New Member Orientations several times a year to help people who have recently arrived in our community get connected to the work and to each other. Sign up to be notified about an upcoming New Member Orientation here.

Public Events

JFREJ has lots of events and meetings that are open to anyone.

Upcoming Events

If you believe that being Jewish should stand for justice, equality and solidarity, then add your voice to ours.