2024 Elections: June Debrief & Look Ahead to November

Join JFREJ for a zoom call to discuss the 2024 Elections!

We will spend the first hour debriefing June 25th: what happened in Jamaal Bowman's race, and in local races across NYS? Where are we gaining ground and increasing our power? Where are we losing, and why? What can we learn about our adversaries' strategies, tactics, and motivations, and how can we pull those lessons in to upcoming races (in November, in 2025 for Mayor, in 2026 for Governor)?

We will spend the second hour discussing & debating JFREJ's orientation towards the November elections. As a locally-focused organization, we've got choices to make about how to engage with the presidential race, the DNC, contested congressional races around NYS and around the country. Fighting fascism extends far beyond the ballot box, where does JFREJ fit in?