(Virtual) June Manhattan 1&2 Neighborhood Groups: #JewsForEli phone bank to elect Eli Northrup

At JFREJ’s June Neighborhood Groups meetings, we’re going to get out the vote! This is a chance to build community, learn about the stakes of this election, and get trained in a foundational element of organizing – canvassing and phonebanking.

The Manhattan neighborhood groups are opting for one virtual option and one in-person option -- feel free to join both if you're interested! Our virtual option is joining a phonebank to elect Eli Northrup (progressive Jew and JFREJ member!) to the State Assembly. He is running in a district that includes the Upper West Side & Morningside Heights. RSVP for the phonebank on this page below! If you're also interested in the in-person Sunday UWS canvass for Eli Northrup, find details & RSVP here.

What to expect: At 6pm we'll join a zoom call with volunteers for Eli Northrup's campaign. First, we'll get grounded in the stakes of the race, especially as progressive Jews. Then, we'll get trained by the campaign on how to have a persuasive phone conversation with a voter, ask and answer questions about issues that might come up, and practice using the phonebank dialer tool. Then, we'll hop on the phone and make calls! (note: you will not have to use your personal phone number for this. But it is useful if you can be on a phone for calls and a laptop for zoom). Members will be on stand-by to answer questions and troubleshoot as things arise. Then, at 7:45pm we'll all come back together to debrief, share any funny stories, and learn from each other.