Spring 2024 Membership Assembly - Antisemitism & its Instrumentalization

What does it mean to talk about antisemitism at a time like this – a time when it's being actively used to justifythe Israeli state perpetrating genocidal violence against the Palestinian people and to attack marginalized communities, including Palestinian activists, Black women, and Jewish Leftists?

At JFREJ’s Spring 2024 Membership Assembly, we will hold a training on antisemitism and its instrumentalization, to learn together about: the function of antisemitism; how antisemitism is and is not showing up in this moment; how it impacts our movements for justice; and why understanding antisemitism and how it interacts with other systems of oppression is more important now than ever for anti-fascists everywhere.

PLEASE NOTE: This assembly is only for dues-paying JFREJ members. You can become a member at jfrej.org/become-a-member