Rep. Jerry Nadler: Call for a Ceasefire This Chanukah

During Chanukah, we remember a time of miracles; of light shining through horror, even when it feels impossible. Join us on the last night of Chanukah in Richard Tucker park to light our menorahs, remember the lives of the Palestinians and Israelis who have been killed, and ask Rep Jerry Nadler to call for a lasting ceasefire.

We need a ceasefire now, an end to the siege on Gaza, freedom for all being held captive, and a rededication to equality, justice, and lasting peace for everyone. We need to tell Rep Jerry Nadler that the US cannot send $14 billion in unconditional weapons aid to Israel as it brutally bombs and invades Gaza, killing hundreds of Palestinians every single day, and displacing the majority of the 2.2 million residents of Gaza.

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