Rally: No Cuts to CUNY!

NYC Must Fund CUNY Community Colleges!

Students, faculty, staff, and CUNY allies will rally outside City Hall before the City Council meeting Thursday, May 11 to oppose the mayor’s planned budget cuts for CUNY Community Colleges.

Since November, the mayor has called for three rounds of cuts to CUNY and other city agencies and services. Schools, libraries, food assistance, legal services, parks, sanitation, CUNY, and other critical institutions are facing continuing budget cuts. CUNY's NYC funding has been cut by more than $60 million in Fiscal Years 2023 and 2024!

NYC funding cuts undermine the quality of a CUNY education and leave students without the support they need. Hundreds of unfilled faculty and staff lines have been eliminated. The cuts to CUNY must be stopped!

The rally is timed right before a meeting of the City Council to bolster the City Council’s calls for full restoration of CUNY funding and increases in the City’s allocation to community colleges. We need you there!