June 2023 Neighborhood Groups

This month's neighborhood groups will be on June 25th (BK1), June 28th (BX), and July 9th + July 11th (all other groups).

Sunday meetings (June 25th + July 9th) are typically on-site in your group’s neighborhood, while weekday meetings (Weds, June 28th + Tues, July 11th) are usually online. We do our best to stick to these dates, and will communicate if they change for any reason. To RSVP, please sign up here to join your local Neighborhood Group. If you have already signed up, you're all set — no need to fill out the form again!

Please note: Neighborhood groups are only designed for dues-paying members living within the five boroughs of NYC. If you live outside of that radius, we're really sorry we don't have neighborhood groups in your area!