JFREJ’s Strategy on Israel-Palestine as a Local Issue: Past & Present

Join an amazing crew of JFREJ founders and long-time leaders to explore our founding story and movement lineage. We’ll connect our history to our present, with a focus on The Jewish Vote’s strategy when it comes to Israel-Palestine. We’ll also discuss how our history can guide our future, especially as it relates to the threat of authoritarianism at home and abroad.

This event is part of a larger series presented by the JFREJ Israel-Palestine Team as part of a participatory process that engages our neighborhood groups, caucuses, campaign teams, allies, and full membership. Together, we will do some deep learning together; clarify when and how we take action and speak out on the subject; align around a theory of change; and develop a shared understanding of our strategy on Israel-Palestine as a local issue. This series is only open to JFREJ dues-paying members in good standing. If you need to renew your dues or become a member, you can do so at jfrej.org/member!