Join Taxi Drivers to demand Debt Relief outside City Hall!

Come out to show your support for taxi medallion debt relief! New York's taxi drivers are suffering in hyper-exploitative debtor relationships, due to our City government’s scheme to profit off of its working class.

On Wednesday, October 20th, NYTWA drivers will begin a hunger strike to ramp up the pressure on the city to do right by the drivers for the final stretch of the campaign.

To show your support for drivers, come out to the campout on Broadway & Murray Street at 6.30pm Wednesday night.

Thank you to everyone who has been joining the New York Taxi Workers Alliance at City Hall to demand debt relief for New York City’s taxi drivers over the last month! Every day NYTWA's fight grows stronger as we apply pressure on Mayor De Blasio for a plan that offers real relief — not just a bailout for banks. From taxing the rich to winning medallion debt relief, there’s a common thread: putting people over profits.

The campout will be continuing after the Wednesday night rally, so if you can please do keep dropping by City Hall Park on Broadway & Murray Street until we win!

You can also support by:

The campaign has made huge strides over the past few weeks. We've been joined by elected officials, we've written articles and spoken on podcasts. And NYC's socialists - tenant organizers, labor unions and the DSA - have showed up in a huge display of solidarity. We're building the foundation for a new wave of grassroots radicalism in the City, but we can't stop at that - we need to win!