#EndCabbieDebt - Mass Hunger Strike Kickoff

Sign up here to join NYTWA drivers on day 43 of 24/7 protest, and day 12 of the hunger strike to #EndCabbieDebt 📣

Starting Sunday, October 31 at 12pm, the Taxi Workers Alliance is calling on the general public to join the strike for 24+ hours. After years of struggle, drivers are closer than ever to winning the debt forgiveness that will allow them to live their lives in dignity. We need everyone to stand with cab drivers!

NYTWA is calling for anyone who is able to City Hall (Broadway and Murray) at 12pm for the mass escalation and stay at City Hall for the full 24 hours if possible. If folks need to go home in the evening and return in the morning, that is okay! Anyone outside of NYC who wants to will be able to join via zoom (stay tuned for link).