JFREJ Office Closed September 6-22

JFREJ will be closed from September 6-22, 2021, the period in our tradition known as Yamim HaNoraim — the Days of Awe — as well as for the first two days of Sukkot.

When we tried this last year, we articulated the values informing the decision in a letter to our membership (you can revisit that letter here). What we said then remains true today: it is important to remind ourselves that the burden we feel to fight and struggle each and every day is not ours alone to carry. We can and must rest. We can and must reflect. We can and must take time to ground ourselves and to prepare emotionally, spiritually, and physically for the work ahead.

We are grateful Jewish tradition offers a sacred container for us to embody a practice of deep reflection and teshuvah (return). We need one another for the long-haul. We hope that all our members will be able to carve out time during this period to connect with loved ones and reconnect with yourself, your purpose, and your truth.

May we all emerge on the other side with the fortitude, perspective, and nourishment we need to build the future we deserve.