Mazals Text Bank

Help the MOVE MONEY BUILD POWER TEAM reach our financial goal for 2020, so we have the funds to start 2021 strong and organize for a NY that works for all of us. Why be involved in fundraising? Fundraising is how we raise the funds for all of JFREJ's programs. As a membership based organization, we are accountable to each other and not the wealthy few or corporate establishment. By helping us bring back lapsed members, we are directly increasing our power to influence the people in power who are supposed to be accountable to us and raising the funds to organize when they aren't.

Text bank: Think of this as a co-working space with your community. We stay on Zoom and chat while texting. It is a lot of fun! If there are a handful of us, we'll chat in one room. If there's a lot of us, we'll go into breakout rooms! You do not need your own phone. We will be texting through our computers on our texting platform.