Protest Against NIMBYism at Gracie Mansion

Join JFREJ, Homeless Can't Stay Home, and the Open Hearts Initiative to protest the City's decision to move homeless New Yorkers out of COVID-safe housing and back into crowded shelters.

NIMBYISM (not in my back yard) a?ects us all. Most importantly it a?ects those who are most vulnerable to living without shelter. A group of NIMBYs on the UWS used their money and privilege to successfully change the mind of our mayor. They convinced him to do the political thing, not the right thing. Now, once again, in the middle of a global pandemic, the un-homed will be removed from yet another neighborhood. This marks 4x since June.

In order to move them out of their current hotel shelters on the UWS, to other shelters in the city, residents of those shelters will have to be displaced as well. People are not chess pieces to be moved around for the comfort of those that can sleep comfortably in a bed of their choosing.

They are not objects or political tools PERIOD.

And, this is happening NOW!

These moves were not supposed to start happening until after the weekend, but vans are showing up ahead of schedule. Residents are not being made aware of their rights, and they are being moved without notice and without care. Let's continue the ?ght of standing up for what we stand for.

Housing Rights are Equal Rights. Housing Justice is Racial Justice.

JOIN US on Sunday as we speak out against those wielding their POWER + POCKETS to play with PEOPLE'S lives.

*Masks required

See the Facebook event here to get updates about Sunday's event.

Art by Rebecca Katz