Never Again Action NY Mass Meeting

Please join Never Again Action NY with members of Jews For Racial and & Economic Justice, Brooklyn Community Bail Fund, and New Sanctuary Coalition on May 12th for a Virtual Mass Meeting which will focus on concrete ways you can take action and join us in the next phase of our efforts to #FreeThem All. You will have the opportunity to plug into grassroots fundraising trainings and peer-support for new fundraisers, digital and social media organizing, mutual aid/post-release support, and creative action. RSVP for Zoom link.

Thousands of parents, siblings, friends, and loved ones locked up in detention centers in our own backyards —- this is an emergency. As COVID-19 wreaks havoc across the country, these modern-day concentration camps are on track to become de facto death camps if people are not freed now. Like the Nazis did during the Holocaust, Trump and ICE are capitalizing on crisis on crisis as an opportunity to direct natural fear and anger towards hatred the outsider.

We know from our own history what happens when civilians don’t stand up. We must act immediately, both to stand up for our friends and neighbors, and to reject the xenophobia that attends rising fascism.

We cannot rest while thousands more continue to suffer at the hands of a cruel immigration system. The Let My People Go Campaign is raising money to free as many of our immigrant neighbors as possible, as soon as possible. And we demand that ICE close the camps and free them all, now.

RSVP for Zoom link.