Winning Where We Are: Democratic Strategy & the Jewish Left in NYC

Join us as we kick off our six month JFREJ Membership Course of Study and Action with a forum and discussion with a few of our most brilliant and visionary leaders and allies. We’ll be joined by:

Together, we will learn about and grapple with key strategic questions facing our movement and organization in this moment:

  • What has become possible and what can we do to build a winning Left Strategy here where we are, in New York City?
  • Two plus years into the Trump administration, what have we learned about ourselves--about effective resistance and transformative strategy? What have we learned about our opponents and what we’re up against?

The event is fully wheelchair accessible. For access requests, including interpretation and childcare, please e-mail More accessibility information coming soon.

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This event kicks off a six month process of study and action for JFREJ members, in partnership with our allies. Our goal is to take stock of the last few years and prepare for 2020 by building strategic alignment and clarity for our organization. We are partnering with the Brooklyn Institute for Social Research, who have created a curriculum, informed by secular and Jewish thought, to deepen our knowledge and analysis. The goal is to provide a shared vocabulary so we can better wrestle together with the big questions we are facing in our work, inside JFREJ and externally. The six month process will include a wide range of opportunities for participation: study and reading groups in September, a day-long Beit Midrash in October, a speaker series throughout the fall, and a membership assembly at the end of the Gregorian year. Stay tuned for the full calendar, and email if you have questions.

[We Are Here art by Rafael Shimunov]