Understanding Antisemitism: A JFREJ Webinar

Download Understanding Antisemitism here.

Featuring special guests:

  • Lisa Anderson, Vice President, Embodied Justice Leadership, Auburn Theological Seminary
  • Rama Issa-Ibrahim, Executive Director, Arab-American Association of New York


  • Audrey Sasson, Executive Director, Jews For Racial & Economic Justice
  • Dove Kent, Community Leader & Teacher
  • Leo Ferguson, Movement Building Organizer, Jews For Racial & Economic Justice

A team from Jews For Racial & Economic Justice spent this year authoring a comprehensive resource on antisemitism, specifically tailored to the needs of our community and our movement partners on the left. How fitting that this hopeful labor of love — created by members of our community — is about to be published, just as we are taking stock of the painful anniversary of Donald Trump's election.Starting during the presidential campaign and continuing today, we have witnessed a surge of blatant, anti-Jewish expression in broad daylight — neo-Nazis marching in Charlottesville, swastikas spray-painted on playgrounds, hate speech hurled at Jews in public, cemeteries desecrated, and bomb threats targeting Jewish congregations and community centers. While most Jews are not facing the brutality of deportation, mass incarceration and other forms of state violence, we feel keenly aware that antisemitism is deep within the DNA of the white nationalist right and needs to be confronted alongside racism, xenophobia and Islamophobia if we stand a chance of getting free.

It is clear that everyone fighting for social justice in this political moment needs greater awareness and a sharper analysis of antisemitism. Look out for future announcements about this project, and please join us online on November 20th. We are excited to be able to offer our community and our movements these exciting, necessary resources to help us build toward collective liberation and resist the dark times with vigor, compassion and solidarity.