Community Conversations

Following a particularly soul searching moment for the Jewish community this summer we invite you to join the JFREJ community for conversations on September 29th at 6:30pm to learn more about the Movement For Black Lives platform and to reflect together on its impact and meaning for our community and our work ahead. This is a moment to deeply engage our simultaneous commitment to Black liberation, Jewish liberation, and Palestinian liberation. We know that if our movements and our most basic needs appear to be in conflict, it just means our vision isn’t big enough. Together, we will continue to build our analysis of the intersections of racism, anti-Semitism, and Islamophobia — on individuals, communities, and movements. We know that each of these oppressions are manifestations of white supremacy, and that ending anti-Black racism is needed for all people's safety. We also know that anti-Semitism is so often a wedge in racial justice movement work, pitting communities against each other and allowing white supremacy to continue functioning. This summer has brought this conflict to the foreground yet again. We need our assessments of this moment to inform our analysis and action moving forward. We want the experiences of the last month to teach us what is needed in the work, in our communities, and in our movement.