In-District Action: Pass the Right to Know Act

It’s time to escalate in our campaign to win the Right to Know Act, a pivotal legislative package that aims to protect the civil and human rights of New Yorkers while promoting communication, transparency and accountability in everyday interactions between the NYPD and the public. The Right to Know Act is now sponsored by a majority of City Council Members, and we need to build momentum to ensure a vote this session. Almost two years after Eric Garner was killed, and as our communities continue to experience systemic abusive policing, New York City has yet to enact meaningful and lasting legislative police reforms to protect our rights and safety. It’s time to schedule a vote and pass the Right to Know Act. Now's the time to join the campaign. Join us for an afternoon of in-district leafletting in Bronx Council District 11. We'll talk to our neighbors about police accountability, gather signatures on our petition, and build momentum.