Rally & Lobby day to pass the Right to Know Act at City Hall

- Tired of abusive policing that violates your rights and makes you less safe? - Ever been stopped by the NYPD and not known why, or even who the officer was that stopped you? - Want all New Yorkers to be treated respectfully by the NYPD? On April 21, Noon at City Hall Park, join Communities United for Police Reform and New Yorkers from across the city to demand critical police reform – PASSAGE OF THE RIGHT TO KNOW ACT in the City Council. The Right to Know Act would help end abusive policing by protecting New Yorkers’ rights against unconstitutional searches and abusive police encounters. The Right to Know Act is sponsored by a majority of New York City Council members and supported by dozens of organizations from communities across New York. New Yorkers continue to be brutalized, improperly searched, and even killed by police, with people of color, youth, immigrants, and homeless New Yorkers bearing the brunt of abusive broken windows policing. The Right to Know Act has the support to pass – it’s time for the New York City Council to schedule a vote to pass these important reforms for New Yorkers. THE TIME FOR ACTION IS NOW! COME OUT ON APRIL 21ST TO DEMAND CHANGE WITH US! See you at City Hall Park (Broadway side) – April 21st – 12pm! We can and we must #changetheNYPD! Learn more about the Right To Know Act at changethenypd.org/RightToKnowAct.