Shabbat Cafe: Mizrahi and Sephardi Shabbat

Come celebrate our diverse Mizrahi and Sephardi Jewish cultures and communities! The Mizrahi Caucus of Jews for Racial and Economic Justice, in partnership with Kolot Chayeinu, is excited to host a unique Shabbat experience for and with Mizrahi and Sephardi identified Jews.

Let's meet, connect and express our vibrant heritages in a warm Brooklyn setting. There will be food, hot drinks, live music, art, and maybe some fun? Definitely food, though.

WHO: you! And maybe your Mizrahi and Sephardi identified friends and family. And maybe their Mizrahi and Sephardi identified friends and family.

WHERE: Couleur Cafe 435 7th ave Brooklyn, NY 11215

WHEN: Friday, January 29th, 6-9pm

WHY: because you're thirsty for this

COST: this event is graciously funded by JFREJ. However in order to cover costs of food and respectable honorariums for guest artists we ask that each participant make a small contribution, yet to be determined. Don't worry, though, you won't be turned away for lack of funds.

We hope to see you there! If you have any questions or know of any artists who might be interested in performing, please email!