About Mimouna

Mimouna is a holiday that comes from Moroccan and other North African Jewish communities, beginning the night Passover ends, marking the return of chametz back into our homes. Many Jews who lived in Muslim-majority countries for centuries would open their homes to everyone on the block in honor of the holiday—including their Muslim neighbors—and quickly make mofletta pancakes with flour after sundown, sing and dance to Arabic songs and be together with neighbors and family in joyous celebration.

JFREJ's Mizrahi & Sephardi Caucus celebrated the first-ever Leftist Mimouna in 2019 alongside 400 members of our community, including our long-time partners at the Arab American Association of New York and Desis Rising Up and Moving, in our fights against Trump’s Muslim Ban, the NYPD’s discriminatory surveillance of Muslim communities, and the rising tide of white nationalist hate violence.

Read more about our inaugural Mimouna celebration here, see photos here, and learn more about the Mizrahi & Sephardi Caucus here!

Celebrators gather around a table full of food
Four women stand in front of a banner while one speaks into a microphone
A group of people gather while one woman gives a thumbs up