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The Great Purim Shpil!

Over 800 of you -- young and old -- celebrated Purim this year with Jews for Racial and Economic Justice!

From the wild, exquisite Masquerade Ball to the beautiful, engaging Family Show, you showed the incredible power that can come from Jewish culture, political mission, collective creativity, and utter celebration!

Click here to see the gorgeous photos of the Masquerade Ball and the Family Show!


The Aftselokhes Spectacle Committee, Jews For Racial and Economic Justice, and The Midtown Workmen's Circle School* Present:


A dazzling Purim Shpil and Masquerade Ball in support of Communities United for Police Reform

On Saturday Feb 23, and Sunday Feb 24, 2013 the Aftselokhes Spectacle Committee and a coterie of celebrity brass bands, rock stars, Yiddishy supernovas, activists, children and jesters of all stripes will present a very ancient, yet totally contemporary Purim masquerade Ball.

Embracing Debate

Jews for Racial & Economic Justice rejects accusations of anti-Semitism at Brooklyn College; stands in solidarity with President and Political Science Department

Understanding Our Impact - Take this Quick Survey!

Please take just 5 minutes to fill out this important survey to help us determine how we can all make an impact in ending Stop & Frisk, surveillance of Muslim communities, and other discrminatory policing by the NYPD.

Click here to answer 5 short questions!

Honoring Dr. King with Action

As we take today to honor Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.'s legacy, we are moved by the stories of so many thousands of people who took action in the Civil Rights movement. We will never know the name of every person who struggled for their liberation, or for the liberation of their neighbors, friends, and comrades, but we honor them for their incredible courage, vision, determination, and heart.

The Movement and You

Something really powerful is happening in New York. As you read the news below, I hope you’ll feel as inspired as I do, and will support JFREJ’s transformative organizing in 2013!

We Condemn Geller's Hateful Ads

Jewish Groups Condemn (Yet Again) Ads Promoting Hate and Anti-Muslim Bigotry: Call for Unequivocal Repudiation of Islamophobia

How to Prepare for Disaster

JFREJ member and SUNY disaster historian Jacob Remes wrote this week, "The best disaster preparedness we can have is to build the kinds of communities we want to live in." That's the vision that is inspiring our work at JFREJ.

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