Purim masquerade, processions, pageantry, Megillah reading, and shared delicious treats are ancient technologies; communal methods used by Jews worldwide for making merry, letting loose and addressing fear, injustice and fury with play. This year, like everything else, Purim will be different. Purim is about re-imagining, which is precisely what we will do together. Our traditions can help us find ways to affirm life in the midst of the Covid pandemic. Scary times require joy. It is the play in the depth of winter, the burlesque, the laughter at power that has renewed us for centuries, and our communities need this renewal. It’s a joy and laughter emergency, which is why JFREJ’s Purim event this year is called…EMERGENCY PURIM!!!

Please Note: Compensation for each role will be in accordance with JFREJ’s sliding scale, with the number of hours allocated for each role indicated in the below role descriptions. See the Member Compensation Questionnaire for pay scale information, and the Member Compensation Policy for information on what we’re doing and why JFREJ approaches paid opportunities this way!

Purim 5782 Operations Assistant

Type: Remote, Part-Time, Temporary

Compensation: 12 hours, with a sliding scale hourly rate in accordance with JFREJ’s compensation policy

Reports to: Purim Coordinator

To apply: Please fill out this form by Feb 15th.

Role Description: We are looking for one person to help with logistics on a few different operations relevant to JFREJ Purim, including:

  • Deliver materials for costume production to Neighborhood Group volunteers in 6-12 neighborhoods (exact number TBD) in Brooklyn, Manhattan, and Queens.

  • Distribute flyers to businesses on Vanderbilt informing them of the event. Be available to answer questions if they are asked.

  • Transport materials and equipment to and from the event location.


  • Driver’s license

  • Access to a car or possibly cargo bike preferred

  • Able to lift and carry up to 30lbs

  • Availability for March 13th afternoon event (March 21 rain date)

  • Availability for 6-8 hours of work between March 2nd and 6th, with most hours being on the weekend. Saturday hours can be after sunset, Sunday hours should be before noon.

  • Enthusiasm about helping communicate the Purim plan to JFREJ members and community businesses.

Also helpful:

  • Investment in building relationships with community businesses on Vanderbilt Ave as a representative of JFREJ.

  • Excitement about liaising with JFREJ members all across NYC

  • Potential availability for additional logistical roles on the Purim Team (strictly optional)