Now Hiring! Curriculum Writer: Zoom Security for Online Events Training (Freelance)

JFREJ is seeking a Curriculum Writer for the emerging Community Safety & Security Role Network to create a beginner-level training on zoom security practices.

Type: Freelance, 6-8 hours total throughout October 2021

(Freelancers will be paid on a sliding scale, and are asked to choose a payment level based on their class background and current financial position, including donating their time. If hired, freelancers will be asked to fill out the JFREJ Payment Questionnaire.)

Rate: $25/hr - $150/hr

Reports to: Community Organizer

Position Description

JFREJ is seeking a Curriculum Writer for the emerging Community Safety & Security Role Network with experience coordinating direct action security and developing dynamic, participatory, and accessible training. This curriculum writer would be responsible for developing a beginner training on Zoom Security for Online Events that is 1.5 hours long for JFREJ members to facilitate for other members. This curriculum would need to be developed with two versions (making it a hybrid training): one version for online facilitation and a second version for future in-person training. The curriculum writer would get support from a JFREJ Community Organizer.

The deadline for completing the training on Zoom Security for Online Events would be October 29, 2021.

Background on the JFREJ Role Network (coming in 2022):

The JFREJ Role Network is a home base for our members to develop the skills they need in order to play meaningful and consistently needed roles across our organization. Members of the role network are invited to participate in skill-based training, a few times throughout the year, that allow them to hone relevant skills they need in order to hold a wide range of roles across our campaigns and programs. We are currently laying the groundwork to launch 7 Role Networks in 2022, and one of them will be focused on Community Safety & Security. This Community Safety & Security Role Network will be the hub for the agitators and troublemakers who love to pray with their feet and know the tricks to pulling off a powerful direct action. They will get opportunities to plan direct actions, participate in rapid response, plan for outreach and recruitment during actions, and attend trainings in order to become security volunteers on or offline, marshalls, and police negotiators. We are in a stage of curriculum development this fall and early winter so that this role network can launch with trainings on the calendar.

Job Responsibilities

The Curriculum Writer will be responsible for the following:

  • Research and compile existing training curricula outside of JFREJ (online, by other organizations) on the training topic

  • Create dynamic, participatory and accessible activities that support learning and practice around the training topics

  • Develop hybrid training curriculum (one version for online facilitation and a second version for future in-person training) by October 29th

  • Check in with JFREJ staff every other week to track progress and get feedback on training drafts

  • Check in with Role Network Coordinators at monthly meetings to get aligned on training goals and outcomes and get feedback on training drafts

  • Support shadowing opportunities for members who are interested in growing this skill


The Curriculum Writer will have:

  • Experience with web safety and security, preferably with JFREJ or one of our partner organizations;

  • Experience with training or teaching, or a strong interest in developing that experience;

  • A sense of humor and ability to roll with the punches in an ever-shifting political and movement landscape;

  • An ability to manage a work-plan with deadlines

To apply: Please fill out this form. Applicants are allowed and encouraged to apply for more than one of our open curriculum writer jobs. If you have any questions about the position, email Reminder the JFREJ office will be closed between 9/6-9/22 for the High Holidays.

We will begin reviewing applications on September 23rd. If you are reading this after that date, please still apply! We will continue reviewing until the position is filled, with the aim of starting the position in early October. We will be in touch with all applicants to inform them if their application is moving forward. If you haven’t heard from us, it means we are still reviewing your application.

JFREJ is an equal opportunity employer; for all employment opportunities, people of color, Sephardic and Mizrahi Jews, women and gender nonconforming people, people with disabilities, immigrants, LGBTQIA+, and people who live or have lived in poverty are strongly encouraged to apply.