Hiring Purim Carnival Coordinator

Pay: $2000 JFREJ is hiring an on-point, self-directed, arts loving but logistics-minded person to manage and midwife the 2017 Children’s Purim Carnival. Ideally should have experience working with kids, youth, and parents. The carnival will be on March 5th, 2017. Once hired, you will work in a self-directed way for the first three weeks of February to establish communication with the stakeholders in the event (JFREJ, the Aftselakhis Spectacle Committee, the East Midwood Jewish Center, other Jewish organizations including the Workmen's Circle), make a plan for the day of, and recruit volunteers. In the final week of February you will work with carnival designer Rachel Schragis to fine-tune our existing carnival games and bring youth and volunteers into one Feburary 23rd art-making session. On March 5th you will be the lead point person for the event, and on March 6th you will lead the strike for the event and of the materials created for the event. Ideal candidate will:

--> Have some experience in curriculum development, youth empowerment and/or multi-age learning settings.

--> Be experienced in event planning and logistical coordination

--> Have familiarity with Jewish communities, Purim as a holiday, and/or multi-ethnic diasporically-rooted cultural production.

--> Value clear communication and collaboration, be comfortable coordinating teams with many multiple stakeholders.

--> Think art is cool! But technical skills not important

--> Be totally silly and totally serious//ready to infuse work with fun, and work hard to make fun possible!

To apply, please send a brief letter of inquiry or a thoughtful hello to hiring@jfrej.org by Wednesday, February 1st. Include why you think you’re a good fit for this project, your availability for the dates listed above, and any questions you may have!