The Leadership Academy is a training opportunity for 40-50 members who are on the leadership team of a JFREJ campaign, role network, neighborhood group, or caucus. Participants get to meet and build with other JFREJ leaders across campaigns and programs, dig into our organizing strategy and theory of change, better understand our new approach to distributed organizing, learn about our leadership development philosophy, the nuts and bolts of base-building and building people power, facilitating group decision-making, and much more.

The 5782 Academy will be entirely virtual. If you have any questions, email

Past Sessions:

  • Session 1: Why does JFREJ even exist? A deeper look at our strategy in NYC
  • Session 2: Base Building 101
  • Session 3: Leadership Development 101
  • Session 4: Facilitating Group Decision Making
  • Session 5: Power & Strategy Training
  • Session 6: Strategic Direct Action Planing
  • Session 7: Distributed Organizing Training