Drawing Diasporism: A Creative Workshop on the ways we make home

What diasporas are you a part of? What does homeland mean to you? These fundamental questions have followed the Jewish people in all of our exiles and journeys, chosen and forced, celebrated and lamented.

Join Rabbi Miriam Grossman and artist Rebecca Katz for an openhearted exploration of Jewish diasporism through text study and art making. Together we’ll deconstruct and reconstruct notions of Jewish home and dive into questions of belonging using ancient and contemporary Jewish texts, collage, and watercolor, and other inspiring materials. We’ll explore the idea of Radical Diasporism, a framework of understanding the ways we make home wherever we are and the ties that bind us to the many places we live now and to the past, using the texts of Melanie Kaye/Kantrowitz (ז״ל), JFREJ’s founding Executive Director. We encourage you to bring pictures or images of the people of places that evoke home and diaspora for you.

While this workshop is framed by Jewish diasporic experience, there are many diasporas in the world and people are welcome to explore these questions from any and all of these histories.

No artistic experience is necessary! RSVP link coming soon!