Let My People Go

Creative Action

Israel Adeyemi Adeniji worked as a lawyer in Nigeria, where he still has an organization that supports kids without parents to go to school. He was detained by ICE and released on bond after 190 days in 2019 and lives in Staten Island, NY with his family. We were connected through mutual aid networks and collaborated on this video, where Israel shares his experiences in detention and what it has meant to him to be free.

Just in time for the first night of Passover, nine musicians and over thirty singers came together in song on behalf of our most vulnerable imprisoned neighbors.

This projector action, just after New York went into lockdown, called on Governor Cuomo to use his emergency powers and free ICE detainees in the state.

If you are feeling inspired by this movement, please consider taking action yourself:

  • We always welcome donations: bit.ly/iknowwhatitmeanstobefree
  • Volunteer remotely with the New Sanctuary Coalition!
  • Use this very nifty tool designed by BCBF to contact your elected officials and tell them to pressure ICE to #FreeThemAll