Neighbors Beyond Amazon

About Neighbors Beyond Amazon

JFREJ is part of the coalition that kept Amazon out of New York City and continues to fight against their brand of antidemocratic, anti-worker monopoly. We see the fight against Amazon as a synthesis of our ongoing work for economic justice, an end to discriminatory police surveillance, against antisemitism, and for community safety and community self-determination.

History shows that when economies are unjust and unequal, all too often Jews become scapegoats, and are more at risk of being targeted for antisemitic violence. Amazon is aggressively shaping the future of work in the United States, and their unjust vision is antithetical to ours.

Our vision for what economic development should look like in our city and state does not include a tax break for the richest man in the world, but an investment in the caring economy, one of the fastest growing sectors of jobs due to our aging community. Our approach is not just about opposing Amazon, but also building a city and world we all want to live in.

February 14th, 2019, marked a landmark victory, when Amazon announced that they were nixing their plans to build a new headquarters in Long Island City. The Neighbors Beyond Amazon coalition, which includes many of the most progressive and powerful grassroots organizations across NYC, has continued to meet and build on our historic success. We are advancing a proactive agenda for a feminist economy and a more democratic economic development process.

It is thrilling to be part of a dynamic, visionary citywide coalition that, with Amazon as a foil, is fighting across the board for economic development policies that work for the many, not the few.